The Blender Basket is a ventilated container that keeps your sponges clean and protected from other equipment, ensuring your sponge only ever comes into contact with your actor’s face. It clips onto absolutely anything so you can find it fast on set.

      • Clips on to Actor Bags, belts, apron, set bag, Actor Tote
      • Pliable, clear plastic
      • Easy to clean
      • Ventilated for air flow
      • Snaps into position and unsnaps flat for travel


The Actor Bag is the simplest way to keep all the tools and cosmetics you’re using on an individual actor clean, protected and organized. And it’s affordable enough to replace as necessary during each production. 

      • 4×6 Photo sleeve to quickly identify each actor or look
      • Large zippered main pouch with separate zippered sections for brushes
      • Gusseted design to protect the shape of your brushes and tools
      • Optional loop for clipping onto your belt 
      • Clear plastic so you can find what you need instantly
      • Pliable, soft and easy to clean


The Actor Bag Tote organizes your Actor Bags perfectly, according to however many you need on set. It’s a system that keeps all your tools and equipment together, yet instantly visible when needed, for working on individual actors.

Choose the size based on how many actors you have so you’re never carrying more bag than necessary.

Large: fits 5 Actor Bags. Small: fits 3 Actor Bags. Mini: fits Single Actor Bag.

All sizes have separate pockets on each side for easy grabbing of extras like mirror and tissues.

      • Organizes and separates
      • Keeps your Actor Bags collected
      • Pliable, clear plastic
      • Easy to clean
      • 3 Sizes
      • Adjustable strap


A game-changer design that combines a wraparound mirror and lights to give you a constant 180 degree view of your actor, with variable light settings.

The Portable Makeup Stations are lightweight, easy to set up and provide a contained and organized workspace. Each comes with an adjustable table, a line of power points and a high chair for makeup or a low chair for hair. 

      • Each unit includes table, chair and wraparound mirror
      • 4 Units per trunk 
      • On wheels for easy travel 
      • Fast and easy set up
      • Available to rent 
      • Run of show only



With Jane Galli

The Private Makeup Seminar is an opportunity to learn from a makeup artist and Academy Member at the top of her game.

Suitable for new starters or professionals who want to raise their skills in the design and application of makeup for film and television.

The one-on-one intensive class runs 5 days a week, for 3 weeks.

You will learn how to set up your station, establish your makeup essentials, learn the application for each subject area and practice on actors. The seminar can be adjusted according to your skill level.

Jane will demonstrate all the techniques and guide you through your practice until you master the skills yourself. On completion you’ll receive a reference from Jane, who’ll remain available to you for questions and support beyond the seminar as you begin your own journey.

Seminar includes:

      • Beauty makeup for women
      • Building a character
      • Grooming for men
      • Facial hair
      • Special effects

To see Jane’s work visit or IMDB, and for more information about the seminars visit



Doniella Davy
"I took Jane's class when I first decided I wanted to be a makeup artist for film & TV. Even though the class was only 2 weeks long, the one on one attention I got from Jane allowed me to quickly learn and execute dozens of SFX, character and beauty looks within this time frame. Not only did she teach me how to be prepared to deliver what directors ask for in a timely manner, but also how to lead a makeup department (how to break down a script, manage a team, etc.). Jane has the ability to teach with kindness, a killer sense of humor and at the same time deliver serious constructive criticism that without a doubt got me to where I am today.

Doniella Davy - Emmy Award Winner for Best Makeup 2020
Dept Head Credits: HBO's Euphoria, Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk, Under the Silver Lake